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a glimpse at some of our work:

the ideas we give text to, 

the words we choose &

the stories we tell,

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English to Spanish translation for all website and mobile app user experience, including terms & conditions, privacy policies, FAQs, chatbot experience, etc. 



verbal identity. slogan. taglines. case studies.

For their launch, we created a verbal identity as well as a slogan that truly portrayed DIRECTOR.STUDIO's essence. We also put into words their various case studies, highlighting the brands' trajectory and vision.

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Terra Regia

verbal identity. slogan. taglines.

Introduced to the project by Director.Studio, the agency behind the project & brands' identity, we recounted the story of Valle Condesa, what the project's possibilities are & who people can become when involved.



verbal identity. brand merge. slogan. website communication.

This year, byMomento & former album company Eterna albums merged. we helped ease the process of combining communication styles, writing out their new webpage & reinforcing an identity that defined the brand's new era.

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Kali Coffee Roasters

scriptwriting. verbal identity. 

For our favorite local coffee brand, we wrote two scripts that became video productions, with their highest ever record of views and engagement. We also captured the story behind their coffee cups in each of their coffee bags.

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